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    Anselm Clave 44 | 08750 Molins de Rei | Barcelona SPAIN

    Since 2014 we have a close connection with Fair Trade in Bangladesh.

    We support -mainly female- artisans in the rural areas by purchasing their products and promoting them here in Europe. The materials we work with are 100 % natural. That means 0 plastic and you can feel the difference! 

    The artisans we work with are connected to ECOTA and/or WFTO.

    Fairtrade changes the way trade works through better prices and decent working conditions for artisans and their families.

    Our products are made of jute, hogla, pati grass, sea grass, water hyacinth, local cane, recycled cotton and glass.

    All our products are handmade, supporting artisans in their local traditions and handicrafts.