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Artisan life

For us Fair Trade means first of all that the artisans work in good conditions and receive fair wages, enough to plan for future opportunities. Besides that, they work with natural, recycled and local materials, following the rich traditions of their environment. But above all, we value the fact that the artisans can stay close to their homes and communities, just as we try to work and spend as much time as we can with our small children, in and around our home and garden.

(visit WFTO for all 10 fair trade principles).

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zero plastic

Our products are made of natural fibres, such as jute (the gold of Bangladesh), hemp twine, water hyacinth, kaisa grass, local cane, palm fibre or coconut husk. These are local materials that are permanently available. Using these materials the artisans keep their rich weaving traditions alive. We avoid all types of synthetic materials and the dye used for the jute baskets is ASO-free, causing no harm to the natural environment. 



hand made

We relate and work with artisans in various rural areas of Bangladesh, each with their own techniques of working with the materials of their own region. This direct contact enables new design ideas and better understanding of the production processes, for us here as well as for them there. We want to believe that this provides a sense of dignity and autonomy.

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